Making business easy for our customers is a priority at Checkers. In the column to the left is a list of resources we have available for easy access. These include:

  • Catalog - On this page you can either request to have a catalog sent to you or you can download a digital version of the catalog directly to your computer.
  • Assembly Instructions - This section allows you to download the Instruction Sheets for all of Checkers' products. Instruction Sheets are shipped with all of our products and this pages gives you easy access to these Instructions if you have lost or misplaced yours. Understanding the proper use of our products is very important and we recommend reading these instructions before use.
  • Checkers Policies - This page outlines the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale when you purchase our products.
  • Warranty and Liability - This page provides the information regarding the Warranty Checkers includes with our products and our legal position regarding liability for our products.

The Checkers Company Vision:

A dynamic and growing organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets by delivering innovative safety products.